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My work was featured in Richie Rich’s Fashion show for Fashion Week in Miami ya’ll!! Here are some pics.

Momma-gon earrings, Tetris Ring, and Tri-nity Neclaces galore.

Major Shouts to Nina Zadeh once again!


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Here are some lovely ladies who purchased some earrings and look great in them!

Camille Peace is an extraordinary jewelry designer as well and you should definitely check out her pieces on her website PeaceImages Jewelry! She is Super Talented! Here she is wearing the Tri-nity (Turquoise). 🙂

I would like to truly thank these ladies for showing love and passing the word around.

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I am happy to say that a selected few Made By AG items are now available for purchase on hot designer, Tennille McMillan’s website!! http://naKIMuli.com

Check out both of our lovely designs here http://nakimuli.com/site/index.html !! 🙂

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So I have been working on a new collection that I call my Tri-nity Collection. This collection is an edgy new series of earrings that boats a variety of different colors and patterns (some are just plain color) topped off with gold chain links around the perimeter.

Within the Tri-nity collection, I have my Zharia pieces. Zharia are a cluster of select pieces, chosen from some of my collections that I design with an African Tribal effect, paying homage to Africa.

Seen here, are two Zharia pieces from the Tri-nity collection;
Red with a black and yellow tribal design and turquoise with a purple and yellow tribal design.

Tri-nity (Zharia) $28

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