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Check out accessory designer Melody Eh$ani rocking her Fancy Tale (Blue) earrings. 

I remember being so happy giving these to her. She was the Very First to ever own a pair! Aoowww! Go Mel!

*Shout Out to Tennille McMillan for spotting this*


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While working for Melody I saw these pieces of scraps from some earrings that she wasn’t sure of what to do with them. She suggested that I make something out of it. SO I DID! 🙂

I made two pairs of earrings! Whatcha Think?

Not quite sure what to name these yet…

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So I am back home and back to my regular programming. Funny that one of the first things I do coming back home is walk across the Brooklyn Bridge with my <3.

I will miss Cali and all of the wonderful people that I’ve gotten to meet and know.

But no worries i’ll be back again someday. Working for Melody was a pleasure, no nightmares to tell over here. The one thing I will def. not miss is the Metro Transit out there, Uh uh. lol

Many Thanks to my big sister for being a big part of making this trip/ opportunity possible. I Love her so much.

I have gotten a lot of inspiration while being out there and I can’t wait to get all of these new ideas out of my head I’m really excited for what’s in store so be on the look out.

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Hey Everyone… I haven’t posted in a while since my last event and now i’ve finally gotten the chance. I’ve been here in L.A. for a week so far and have started my internship with Melody Ehsani. I’m enjoying everyday that I am here and very grateful for the wonderful opportunity. I’m taking in so much as the days go by and at the same time helping out with the creations of so many of her wonderful pieces, so i’ve been kept very busy. Her and her crew are really fun, cool, hardworking and have been very welcoming, them together are definitely the force behind the Melody Ehsani company.

Here are some pictures of me at work 🙂

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I flew out to LA a few days ago and while I was out there, I had the opportunity to meet and chit chat with well known accessory designer Melody Eh$ani M.E.

M.E. is making waves in the main stream industry doing custom pieces for clients like Erykah Badu, Keri Hilson, & Ne-Yo just to name a few.

I also had the pleasure of creating a special piece for her courtesy of MadeByAG 🙂

I must say she definitely surrounds herself with all things creative and unique which I found really dope! 🙂

Make sure to check out Melody Eh$ani’s hot new collections!

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