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This past weekend I attended Brooklyn’s Afro Punk Festival. Such a busy weekend vending Made By AG pieces for two straight days, being surrounded by so many talented and great people. I was along side Tennille McMillan who was vending from her naKIMuli inc. clothing line (if you haven’t checked out her work yet, you should do so).


*Left-Right: Coco, myself, Tennille, and Imani*

I had a lot of fun meeting new people and running into current fans and friends. I thank everyone who came out to support, it made the weekend all the more special.




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Hey Everyone! It’s been so long since my last post, but I’m here with another one and with good news. This year I will be vending at the “annual” summer event, Afro-Punk Fest!! I will be vending Made By AG pieces alongside Tennille, who will be vending pieces from her naKIMuli clothing line. I’m so grateful that she invited me to team up with her, I’m really excited about it. 

We’re at it AGAIN!!

The event is for one whole weekend of August 25-26th. There will be performances, food, goodies to bring home (including Made By AG and naKIMuli items), and many other great activities to enjoy. *To find out more on Afro-Punk and what it has in store, click on the image.*

We’d love to see you! So come out and enjoy the festivities with us, get some fly stuff and create some more summer memories. 

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Check out @JasmineLacye rocking Made By AG’s Hunnie Queen Earrings! (Purchased from Shop Klassiq)

The Hunnie Queen earrings are also available on Made By AG’s online shop!

*Photo via Shop Klassiq

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Came across this blog feature on Made By AG this morning! I need to keep my eyes peeled more often. Shout out to Ms. Supa Dope for her overview of the line. 🙂

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Yesterday, stylist and now magazine editor, Candy J, released her first issue of Eztilo Magazine. Annndd look at what Made By A.G. piece got to lace the front cover, the Zharia (Turquoise) earrings. I browsed through the magazine this morning just before the beginning of my work day, and I have to say that (having a totally unbiased opinion), I really love the content. Wish lists, make-overs, artist spotlights, and men’s fashion are just some of the few things this first issue has covered and I’m FEELIN’ it. I really hope this magazine continues and grows, maybe Made By AG can be part of future Eztilo Magazine issues.


I can say that this is the first magazine that has featured pieces from Made By AG and I’m glad that it was Eztilo Magazine to do it. SO… make sure you guys take some time and check out the magazine it’s really good stuff for both the ladies and the fellas. 

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Click the picture link below and enjoy your holiday shopping without worrying about the cost of shipping. 🙂

Happy Holidays from Made By AG!!

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