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Yesterday, stylist and now magazine editor, Candy J, released her first issue of Eztilo Magazine. Annndd look at what Made By A.G. piece got to lace the front cover, the Zharia (Turquoise) earrings. I browsed through the magazine this morning just before the beginning of my work day, and I have to say that (having a totally unbiased opinion), I really love the content. Wish lists, make-overs, artist spotlights, and men’s fashion are just some of the few things this first issue has covered and I’m FEELIN’ it. I really hope this magazine continues and grows, maybe Made By AG can be part of future Eztilo Magazine issues.


I can say that this is the first magazine that has featured pieces from Made By AG and I’m glad that it was Eztilo Magazine to do it. SO… make sure you guys take some time and check out the magazine it’s really good stuff for both the ladies and the fellas. 


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