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Great news! Outside of the Made By AG shop, you can now also find our GBF 2.0 earrings on ShopKlassiq.com. This online boutique also carries two of our other styles, the Fancy Tale (Yellow) and Hunnie Queen earrings. Check out the website and see what other goodies they carry.



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As promised in one of my earlier post I said I would be dropping a couple of more goodies, and they’re here!! I’m so happy to release these two items to all of you! First the GBF 2.0 earrings which are an extension of the Girls Best Friend Studs, and also the Large Yoruba earrings (Yoruba earrings in a even larger scale now). All the more to love!

Click on images to see more views of the pieces and feel free to tell me what you think.


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