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This past Saturday was the Brooklyn Museum Fashion Show and I got the chance to have my accessories showcased along with naKIMuli’s wonderful brand new garment pieces. There were so many other very talented and creative designers as well. As I was sitting in the crowd watching the models walking down the runway of the Brooklyn Museum wearing my work, I said to myself “This is only the beginning”. I thank everyone who came by and gave their support, it means so much. Here’s a few snap shots that were taken.


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So i basically just copied and pasted this entry from Tennille’s blog, so here goes it…

“o-m-g! i received this in my inbox yesterday. the bk museum put me on the cover of the flyer for the fashion show! wow! me and amina were screaming once we saw it. (it also features amina’s made by ag tri-nity zharia earrings. holla!) and i have to be honest, i did shed a little tear when i got this. kinda feel like i am representing bk fashion now. lol let me not get gassed.”

“but this week has been so wonderful, i don’t know what to do! i was going to do 3 new outfits for the show. then i decided against it cuz things r so chaotic. but after seeing this, i think i will go with plan a again. lol”

“and to top it off, my big sis eutopia will be hosting the fashion show so you know she will be draped in naKIMuli + made by ag.”

“the bk museum even posted it on their calender. click here to see it.”

“and for info on the show:”

“fashion show starts at 3:30pm. admission for the museum is by donation. so give what you can.”

“hope to see u there. and don’t be afraid to say hi! (and i am very short- you’ve been forewarned! lol)”

Did you peep the Tri-nity Zharia Turquoise Earrings on her?

So yes, a dash of Made By AG will also be on the runway that day. 🙂

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