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E. Badu tweets a photo of her accessories for Afro Punk.


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The icing on the cake for me this weekend was seeing Erykah Badu work the stage in BOTH Fancy Tale (yellow earrings) and the Zharia (red) earrings. It’s definitely something that I had hoped one day would happen. To actually witness it live was just simply amazing. 

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Hey Everyone! Made By AG has joined the Instagram world! Follow @MadeByAG to get the day to day visual updates. 🙂

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I always look forward to her musical and most of all visual presentations. This video goes HARD!! Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to get her in some Made By AG. *Just putting it out there into the universe.* 🙂

Peep the car riding on two wheels and her chillin’ though!

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In the passed year you all have showed the Made By AG line tremendous support. You all have shared your pictures wearing Made By AG, which are such a HUGE inspiration. You have been spreading the word about Made By AG and I would like to thank you all for the support. Not to mention emails, thank you tweets and testimonials. You are like family and since ’tis the season for sharing with family, I would like to share some of them with you all and extend my deepest appreciation to all of you.

“This is what I love… distinctive, handcrafted jewelry, made with love! Thanks Amina, they’re perfect.” -S.W.

“These earrings are gorgeous. They exceeded my expectations, and are uniquely vibrant!” -K.D.

“Beautiful earrings that are even better in person. I’m down with AG forever.” -M.M.

“Love it. Didn’t know it would take a little bit to ship due to being made to order but worth the wait. I will be purchasing with MadebyAG again.” -S.B.

“Good shipping & wonderful craftswomanship! I purchased one as a gift and one for myself & everyone involved was extremely happy with the purchase! will definitely be back.” -A.A.

“Gorgeous Earrings. These are definitely more beautiful in real life. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you :-)” -S.J.


“Great packaging,amazing earrings!!great seller,reliable!” -M.M.

“Amber Rose inspired!gatta love ermm!so summery! these you will not find or see anyone wearing!” -M.M.

“I just received my Yoruba earrings and I love love love love them. Keep up the  good work….Thank you.” -S.G.
“#FF a dope jewelry artist.. @MadeByAG … Check out her work!!!! #NYC” -T.W.

“Came across this jewelry line on a random excursion browsing the web.  Some things just catch your eye or your heart.  I have to say that I’m in love with the concept, bold colors, edgy details, & unexpected geometric shapes.  I’ll take one of EVERYYYTHING!” -M.L.

“I absolutely love her jewelry designs and I’m sure you will too! I’m a fan” – Spikes & Sequins

“MadeByAG pieces are definitely original. It is hard to find unique jewelry of good quality at affordable prices. I think this line does it all. It is for those who like to standout and love statement pieces. The pieces are filled with bold, bright colors and various geometric shapes.” -Her Goody Bag

THANK YOU all once again, so much happened this year and there’s so much more in store for the new year, so let’s do it together! ❤

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I have some pretty talented customers and one of them goes by the name if MiMi. Aside from baking and creating some slammin’ cakes she also has a hand for designing cool nail art.

Yesterday she tweeted a photograph of some nail art that was inspired by my Girls Best Friend Studs that she purchased for herself some time ago.

I can really appreciate this type of creativity since I myself also dabble a little with nail art (a personal hobby of mine).

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